The following questions are real inquiries made by  new members that have been compiled for your informational benefit.

If you have any other questions or require further clarification on the questions listed below, please do not hesitate to contact Invictus through email or head coach Rick Mitchell via text or phone

 (505) 379-9872


Do I need to be in shape to start?

Nope, part of joining a new gym is starting your new journey towards health and fitness. At Invictus we are no exception to that. Our goal is to help you get into great shape and accomplish your goals, all while learning very valuable self-defense and martial art skills. We’ve had many clients come in with no experience or athletic conditioning and be extremely successful with weight loss and body sculpting.

What makes Invictus different than other ‘fight gyms’ in the area?

To be honest, we aren’t a ‘fight gym’; we are a martial arts academy that teaches practical ‘fight’ techniques. We are a school of career individuals (doctors, engineers, scientists, nurses, teachers, etc.) that all come together in a controlled environment to work out and learn practical techniques as well as accomplish fitness goals. The main difference is the attitude and types of students we have. We cater to the individuals not concerned about being the next UFC champ, but rather the ones that want proper high level training that still need to be in one piece to go to work the next day.

Will I get 'beat up' or potentially injured as a new person?

Absolutely not, unlike some competitive fight gyms you may find, we are practical martial arts academy for career individuals. Meaning we have doctors, scientists, engineers, nurses, teachers and other career individuals that can’t afford to be injured in our classes. We encourage control and proper technique as well as discourage ego in our Academy.

Sparring is always optional

Is Invictus a legitimate affiliated Jiu-Jitsu academy?

Yes, we are directly affiliated with second degree Black Belt Kevin Bankens and can trace our lineage through the Machado brothers to the Gracies.

Which art is better for self-defense?

That is a very tough question; both arts have very practical lessons that can be used to protect you from danger. To be honest, both arts complement one another to fill in holes and create a very well rounded self-defense program. We encourage our students to do both programs together or switch between if their intention is true self-defense.

Do I need previous martial arts experience/ do you do beginners classes?

No previous experience or athletic ability is required at all. Our coaches are very experienced in different teaching methods and can alter or modify techniques to fit any physical limitations or abilities.

 We do tend to keep our Monday classes more basic oriented.

We are also different in the way our academy works, regarding the teaching of different skill levels. We have found that rather than having specific basics classes it was far more efficient and beneficial for students to be encouraged to teach one another as well as the coaches. This allows higher level students to grow a better understanding of the techniques (through teaching) as well as allowing newer students to learn from many different teaching and practitioner styles, all while being overseen by the head coaches. This has allowed us to continue top level teaching without holding any member back and also creating a more practical and efficient environment.

(The better you can make your partner, the better your partner will make you. “Iron sharpens iron”)

Do I need a Gi?

We teach both Gi jiu-Jitsu and NoGi Jiu-Jitsu during the week, as well as open training on Saturdays. A Gi will help you to be more technical and will open up far more options than NoGi. When you sign up with Invictus we can happily order you your first gi or you can use one of our many loaners until you get your own.

 You have the freedom to buy any jiu-jitsu Gi that fits your style, we do not require you to buy ours or have color restrictions. 

Does Muay-Thai kickboxing use belt ranks?

No, Muay Thai kickboxing utilizes levels but not belts. The levels signify time and technique efficiency. Once a Muay Thai practitioner reaches level three, they are known as a Khru and are now a recognized teacher of the art. Time between levels can vary academy to academy and can only be received from a Khru. Invictus currently has two Khrus and two level 2’s near Kru.

How long does it take to get rank in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu we take belts very seriously, as they are a reflection of our practical nature. Due to this belief, no one under 18 can achieve a black belt. The adult average time-frame to achieve black belt is about 8 – 10 years and goes through 5 belt changes.  Each belt rank takes an average of 1-2 years depending on the student’s level of class attendance.