Kids BJJ Self-Defense


Our Program:


   Invictus kids Jiu Jitsu and self defense focuses on not only the martial art and self defense aspect, but healthy living discipline and true anti-bullying lessons. Our coaches won’t just instruct your children on what to do or how to act,we will be an example of it. 

   We focus our weekly lessons on a topic to build our lessons around such as; diet, proper exercise, flexibility, situational awareness, leverage etc. 

    Our coaches are both knowledgeable and patient with each and every students and our teaching methods utilize more positive reinforcement and  achievement based lessons while handing out push ups or sprints for fighting, negativity or bullying.

We like to encourage parents to be involved  with our program by giving us feedback as to school performance, social issues, confidence or any other parts of their child’s life that we can help influence. 

     Our program is designed kids ages 6.5 to 13 but exceptions can be made. Come in, meet the coaches and try out a free week of classes!

What your child will need to start class:

  •  Long workout pants or shorts, T-shirt (preferably one not loved, as it will be gabbed)  and a good attitude.
  • While we do use and require a Gi/kimono in class, parents don’t need to rush to get one. We understand they can be pricey so we allow a month of using the gym loaner uniforms before needing to obtain your own. We sell our own uniforms but you're never required to purchase ours. Most of our techniques can be modified for street clothes. We also have our own Gi distributor to give you the best price while also including team patches.

How our classes work:

  • Due to the age and lack of attention most kids have when learning something technical, we build our curriculum off of exercises, games and interactive lessons. We work to maintain attention by giving students goals in class, asking for their input, and having them demonstrate the techniques and lessons they were just shown.
  • We normally start our classes off with a light jog and stretches followed by team drills or Jiu-Jitsu based exercises to promote the techniques being taught. We will then jump into the lessons and give interactive break downs with the kids on the techniques ensuring their understanding. Lastly before a light free roll/sparring session, we discuss with the kids our weekly topic, which focuses on areas such as health, discipline, anti-bullying etc.
  • Our free roll/sparring is a required part of our curriculum as it teaches the application of the art. It is done in a very controlled environment, where coaches can observe to make sure every student is safe.  Students are taught before any submission or joint lock to use proper control and positioning to avoid any injuries. 

Invictus Rank and Promotions

It is our belief that one of the worst things that can be done to a child’s development is to give them something they haven’t earned. For this reason all of our students are held to strict standards to achieve rank. Our coaches are highly skilled and trained to encourage, motivate and grow every child’s ability regardless of learning style, confidence level, athletic ability or body type. The art Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu takes rank extremely seriously and will not award a black belt to any individual under the age of 19 years old. We firmly believe that an individual wearing a Jiu-Jitsu black belt should be able to back up the rank not only in technical ability but emotional and intellectual maturity as well.

Each Belt rank requires 4 stripes to complete before moving on. Students must meet the following criteria for promotion:

  1. Class Dedication – Each stripe has a cumulative class requirement to be eligible to receive. Students must attend and participate in the classes to receive the class credit.
  2. Discipline – Children are responsible for being to class on time (exceptions can be made for parent schedules), Students are also responsible for maintaining their own uniform hygiene and making sure they remember their assigned tasks as well as needed equipment.
  3. Work ethic – students will not be rewarded for putting in low effort or complaining during activities. Work ethic is paramount to success in all activities, student’s success is directly proportional to work output.
  4. Respect – Whining, complaining, goofing off, hurting or putting down other students, fighting, being disruptive or any other disrespectful action will be met with consequences such as push ups or sprints given by coaches. These actions will be considered in promotion. Conversely, respect, courtesy, attention, helping one another will be rewarded.
  5. Technical knowledge – Students must show improvement in knowledge of curriculum taught
  6.   application of knowledge – Students rank regarding application will be based upon their improvement from their last  promotion rank.


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