About Invictus

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team


 Our mission:

We here at Invictus have a simple belief: “Create a community where anyone can come in and train without fear of being injured, bullied or forced into competition”. We have stuck by this belief and now have one of the fastest growing groups in the city.

While self defense is a focus for us, we do also tend to move towards the sport and fitness aspects of the martial arts as well. We however do not require nor push our members to fight or compete. While We will gladly train you if that goal is desired but it is not our intention as a team to make you compete. We understand that everyone has their own goals and intentions when they walk through our doors. So if your intention is fitness, weight loss, competition, self defense or just a new hobby. We will gladly help you achieve these goals and any others you may decide along the way.

We understand that there are a lot of other sports clubs and gyms who offer great deals and facilities, but why lift weights or run when you can get the same workout or better from a martial art that could save your life. We here at Invictus pride ourselves on being more than just another gym. We value a team environment in order to work together to achieve common fitness, self defense and sport goals. It is far more productive to workout with a team who all help one another than to try and achieve your goals on your own. Come check us out and experience the advantage of training with us.


Self Defense:

  Those who have watched the news lately are probably well aware that Albuquerque is one of the most dangerous cities in the country. What good is pumping  iron, or taking a spin class going to do when you find yourself in one of these bad situations? While pumping iron has its benefits, weights don’t hit back! Spin classes will definitely increase your stamina, allowing you to flee the situation (which is usually your best option) but what if you have no where to run?  We give you the alternative of practical self defense and make sure you can be in control of your life, not just another statistic!


Family environment:

                At Invictus you will be treated as one of the family, as we all work together in a safe, fun and productive environment to achieve mutual goals. Our coaches are some of the best in the business. They work to ensure every lesson is both practical and efficient. We understand your time is worth a lot, so we make sure and teach our classes in the most productive, practical and efficient ways possible. 

We guarantee to have the best prices of any accredited Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai-Boxing academy in the city. Come see why we were voted “Best in City” by Albuquerque the Magazine. See you on the mats!

-Professor Rick



Invictus Core Values


  • At Invictus, we make it our goal to provide the most comfortable and welcoming training atmosphere possible for our members. This will ensure that you can train and achieve your goals in a fun carefree environment.


  • No one wants to receive training at a facility that doesn’t work in real life. What is the purpose of learning anything that hasn’t been proven or tested to work? ALL of our techniques in ALL of our programs are practical, useful and have been tested in real situations.


  • At Invictus, it is an integral part of our teaching and culture to encourage every person to help others learn. We have learned through years of training that often times it is easier to grow when more people are helping you to learn. We ask that all members on the mats make it their mission to help others grow and learn as well as themselves.


  • Every member in the gym and coach on our staff are all held to a high standard of respect and courtesy. No member or coach will ever be permitted to be disrespectful or discourteous to any other individual in our academy. That is not the type of atmosphere or culture we want.


  • An individual’s ego has no place on our mats, we are all there to learn and get better, if an individual needs to make a name for his/herself by trying to hurt another person, they will be promptly asked to leave. No exceptions. At Invictus, we do this because we love the arts and want to share them to help others.


  • At Invictus, we do our best to keep open dialogues between all students (in kids classes – Parents) and Coaches. This way students can feel free to request extra help, or provide useful insights to help us all grow as a whole. Coaches will routinely help students to achieve their goals and provide knowledge and experience to increase student capabilities.